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About Us

The Ile  Iwosan Orunmila Mimo-Orunmila's Healing Spaces is a temple dedicated to the Worship, Education, Healing of people, through the Edification of Olodumare, Ori-Isese, Orunmila, Irunmole and Orisa, of the Yoruba Peopleof Southwest Nigeria.  It is our pleasure to serve Olodumare, Ela, Irunmole and our Ancestors with grace, dignity, enthusiasm and love. 

Ile Iwosan Orunmila Mimo/Orunmila's Healing Spaces is working to:


(a)  firmly and properly seat Ifa in the United States.

(b) create a Council of Ifa Elders in the United States (of Both Babalawo(male high    

      priest), Iyanifa(female high priest), Babalorisa (male high priest for Orisa) or

      Iyaolorisa (female high priest for Orisa) to instruct and train those interested in    

      the true principles, teachings, and the discipleship of Ifa.

(c) create a system of education and training that allows for accountability.

(d) protect Ifa and Orisa adherents from pretenders who see Ifa and Orisa religion as

     vehicles to enrich themselves without giving back to the communities that support



Our Mission

Our goals and mission is to reintroduce to Africans and Africans born in America in the United States the authentic knowledge and practice of our ancestral spiritual traditions (b) to spread the true teachings of Ifa from the Holy city of Ile-Ife and Yoruba land in general (c) to create a network of adherents-both devotee and awo-who will uphold Ifa's stainless moral and ethical dictates. Our programs are tripodal in concept and operation. The spiritual, mental and physical beliefs of our programs are that you cannot have a full life without all three elements and components working in your life.


Orunmila's Healing Spaces Commitment


We incorporate the idea and legacy of African Yoruba Traditional Lifestyle as a way of living. And by adhering to these principles and structure our children will live fuller more productive lives. Ile Iwosan Orunmila Mimo Temple/ Orunmila's Healing Spaces is committed to assists our constituency and families in developing disciplines of Ifa who are interested in committing to the discipleship of Ifa, by which we mean a personal commitment to Ifa and to Orisa as a total way of life. We mean a personal dedication to the work of transforming self so that one can become a spiritual conduit to spread the way of goodness, enlightenment, and transformation that Ifa and Orisa bring from heaven to other humans in the earth.

lle Iwosan OrunmilaMimo Temple-Orunmila's Healing Spaces are members and support the membership of the International Council of Ifa Religion and the International Ifa Training Institute and it's various arms throughout the World. We are a 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit organization and welcome donations.


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